About DigMo

Digital Mooresville is a continuous project dedicated to a web based environment giving access to many of the photographs, documents, maps, and other materials within the Special Collections of the Mooresville Public Library and the community. Digital Mooresville serves as a digital repository of materials that relates to the history of the Town of Mooresville, the citizens, and the surrounding area. Working to make the past present, Digital Mooresville works to promote the history of the Town of Mooresville and Southern Iredell County through creation of digital collections in order to promote a deeper understanding of the community through education and research.

The Digital Mooresville Project was created to meet the needs of the community, the Town of Mooresville, and the library in order to make more of the history of the town, the community, and the surrounding area accessible to a new generation of patrons and researchers. Digital Mooresville is an ongoing and continuous project designed to give digital access to many of the items within the Special Collections as well as the community in order to make them available to scholars, researchers, patrons, and the general public. In addition, Digital Mooresville also works with many of the organizations, civic groups, private collectors, and residents of the Town of Mooresville and the surrounding area to make items within their collections accessible in ways they are unable to otherwise. Digital Mooresville is operated by the Mooresville Public Library's Special Collections and serves as the official digital repository for the Town of Mooresville.         

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