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The Mooresville Public Library’s Special Collections serves the Mooresville community in the preservation and administration of institutional, public, private, governmental, genealogical, and historical collections. The primary purpose of the Special Collections is to collect, preserve, maintain, and make available these records to the patrons of the Library and the public in general. The Special Collections also serves as a repository for the manuscript collections, which are related to the Town of Mooresville and the citizens of the area. In conjunction with the preservation of historically valuable records, the Special Collections administers the Library’s records retention program overseeing the offsite storage, reference use of inactive records, and timely destruction of outdated records.

A joint purpose of the Special Collections and the Mooresville Museum is the preservation of the regional heritage and genealogical records of Western North Carolina and Southern Iredell County. The Special Collections and the Mooresville Museum work cooperatively and are non-competitive in their missions. The Special Collections acquires materials such as manuscripts, photographs, genealogical records, letters, diaries, and rare books that document the history of the region and the people of Mooresville. The Mooresville Museum collects artifacts, primarily three-dimensional, oral histories, and other like items for the same purpose. The Special Collections does not accept objects and transfers all such donations to the Mooresville Museum. The only objects in the Special Collections holdings are those that are part of the Library’s past or are of important significance to the Library.




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